About Lie & Loft angle adjustment??

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Ryan L

Hi, Sir,

Does the face angle will be matained at 0.5 degree open after I adjust the Lie or Loft angle??


Ryan L

Is the face angle open to 1.25* (0.5 + 0.75) not open 1.5* when move from setting A-1 to D-1, right ??

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Subject: Re: About Lie & Loft angle adjustment??
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 11:06:46 -0500

The face angle will not change when you adjust the lie angle.  If you adjust the loft, the face angle will effectively close or open depending upon if you add or decrease loft (ie Move from setting A-1 to D-1 and the face angle opens to 1.5*).