AP1 or AP2? Possible new irons from Titleist.

Started by : Brandon R |

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Brandon R

Hello i am a highschooler that has just started golf about a year ago. On a good day i will shoot low 80s and on a bad day low 90s. I am looking to buy a new set of irons and was wondering if i should go with the AP1 or the AP2. I am also wondering how long it will be before the new irons come out. With all the new equipment titleist has released latley i have no clue on how long it wil be or. Even if they will at all this year. Thanks for the help.

Kevin O


First of all congrats on being able to score as well as you are after only taking up the sport a short while ago.  You must have some natural talent.  If you are truly looking to improve your game while looking for a set of clubs that will last you a while the ap2s may suit you, but if you are looking for some consistency for a beginner the ap1s are a better fit, at least for now.  It all depends how serious you are going to take this game.  Getting fitted like Cameron said is the best choice ultimately, but on a whim if you have $ to spare ap1s immediately then maybe upgrade to ap2s in the next couple years when then next model comes out.