712 U...is it coming to retail? Release dates?

I can see a 2 iron in my future. This may become a juggle club for me, one that will be in the bag depending on the course I am playing. There are a few holes at my home course where this would be perfect.

Here are some pics albeit basic ...


hey Triggity Trav,


Can you tell us what the specs are on your 3 & 4 712Us?

Def gonna b a Pre order!! Can't wait to get it in the bag!!!

#1 Titleist

Cathi, Will the 712U be sold in left-handed ?


Yes, it will be in left hand.  Thankfully they aren't leaving us behind!

I am guessing these will ship in May?

Hi Cathi - is there an updated timeline for the 712U release?  Thanks!

hopefully they do release them, i think they would sell a bunch of them

We are looking at launching May 15th

It would kinda nice to know ball park price for one.  Cheaper or more than a 913 Hybrid.  This last purchase should finish my bag. 

Heard on the street price will be similar to $150-$199...in this range...with steel shaft.


Steel - $235, Graphite - $259

Custom build only