7.5, 8.5 or 9.5 degree?

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I see Zach Johnson, Adam Scott and other Tour Titleist players use 9.5 degree driver as me, and then others use 8.5 degree but almost the same or the same shaft. What are the difference? I tried to hit a 8.5 degree but couldn't see or feel any difference really?


Very good explanation Mike!  

Hopefully we can get the temps higher than a Club Champion's handicap up here in the Northeast.  Until then, we can look forward to indoor practice!



Really thank you for your answer, I will try to visit the fitter again and hit a 8.5. Might be interesting with the settings.


Great answer and good info to know.  I'm looking at the 8.5D3 and using my current ADDI7X.  Hopefully will get in to check my numbers during the next few weeks.