714 iron lineup??

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joe c

dear titleist!!

i have been a longtime titleist player going back to the DCI days..yes that long..currently playing

the 710 CB's which i love, but as time passes the faces are getting worn.

can i expect some new and exciting offerings this year i need to replace the 710's..Help!!!


Don O

I didn't realize I was pre-ordering 712s last November.  I wasn't looking for Titleist clubs, but the fitter put me in AP1s and a 21 910F.  I was updating from some G10s.  I expect you'll have to decide to play one more year or go with 712s.

Brandon R

I asked the same question. A titlest guy replied to me and said there would not new clubs this year. Im dissaponted. But we wont know for sure untill the new ones come out. They might not be allowed to release anything yet.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Christian is right.  We have a two year product cycle for woods and irons.  We alternate years for each. 

David C

I'm still playing the DCI 962 irons(they just don't have the 962 on them) and I love them.  That being said, the 712MB's are the most beautiful iron I think I have ever seen.  The satin finish is awesome.  Sorry Mr. Hogan, I still have your blades and love them but the satin finish really does make them look appealling and that is what we are all looking for.  Something to make us feel confident.

Don't really have a question just very interested to see what is in the works for Titleist...