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Erin K

im looking at upgrading my clubs. i currently have 03ish dci oversized clubs. between the ap1 and ap2, which would feel about the same? 

Carlos G

The ap1 feel more forgiving the the ap2's. These feel a bit more like the perimiter weighted dci's you have.

I would go with these.

Daniel Rimmelzwaan

You should really see for yourself what you like best. Go to a golf store that has a range with grass tees, hat will let you hit anything without tape. If you are seriously looking they will provide virtually unlimited balls to try. Hit a few buckets of balls with a variety of clubs and when you narrowed it down get properly fit. Some stores will take the fitting fee as a discount toward the price of the clubs.

Robert O

Good Day Erin K., I'm an 18 handicap, 58 yrs old when I fit tested I found the AP 2s to be the more forgiven clubs. I highly recommend doing an fit test with Titleist well worth the investment. Hope my in-put helps. Waiting for the warm weather to get out on the lynx.