Hybrids/ woods what combo???

Lou -

Serious golfers should all live in SD.   I finally leaned to keep my lag and have added over 20 yards.  So now my 6I is 150+ and the 5H and 5I are over 160 but close to each other.  the 4H went way past the 5's.  I couldn't tell much difference with the 4H and 21F.  Not easy to see what happens when hitting from a shed into over a half foot of snow.  I just keep reminding myself if Stricker got back on tour from that shed, I can get ready for spring and enjoy it.

But once we can get the Trackman on solid ground (after St. Patrick's Day), I'll have to recheck distances and look at my 4W - 7W- 24H - 27H.  I was going to remove the 5I, but it might be longer than the 5H.  Still have decide on the club to hit out of deep rough.  I used to use an 8I but in last couple of rounds, I was working the 5H for that.  I've thought about some combination changes, but I'll see where the machine is first. 

I pretty much have the distances nailed on my 19F (which is set at A3 -20.5*), the 24F (another vendor) and the 27H (set at C3).  First trip out with the 19F I hit pin high (190 yards) on a par 3 and I can hit over 200 if hit a nice penetrating shot.  The 27H has always been around 160 yards or so and what I do for a 150 shot is choke down slightly (I also have a 140 shot by gripping all the way down the handle). The 24 fairway is a return (I used to carry a 9 wood of some form between 2006-2010 and then went to my Louisville persimmon 10 wood for awhile; still have the 10W but the head has a crack in it); sometimes a 9 wood just can't be beat.

As far as the 7 iron vs my 34H (a Louisville persimmon), they both get 140 yards but the latter sticks greens like glue.  I've got quite a few birdies with the 34H by sticking it close to the pin.  The main reason I keep the 7 iron is it is more handy for 50 yard low chip shots vs the 34.  I use the 34H for a lot of things (rough, short par 3s, dropping approach shots on a dime between 130-140 yards and sometimes the occasional pitch shot). 

I have an AP1 6 iron available and can hit it 150 WHEN I HIT IT - don't carry it.

My 8 iron - PW are go-to clubs and if I remember to treat them like wedges, things will be OK.  

You'll get a lot of those questions answered at your fitting. You may find the best makeup is a 3 wood, 5 wood, 3-iron.... but it might be 3 wood, 2hybrid, 3 hybrid.... In my case, I dropped the hybrids and went Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 iron..... as that gaives me the best dispersion in yardages and I hit the 5 wood higher than the 19 degree hybrid.

Like I say it would be nice if Titleist made a 9 wood.  My current setup is a 910F 19* fairway and 910H 27* hybrid with a Steelhead III 9 wood.

I recently went back to using one after making an attempt to put a 21 hybrid in the bag to fill the gap between the 19F and 27H. What I'd been doing is choking down on the fairway wood to cover the gap.  The 9 wood does exactly what I need: drop a 170-175 yard shot on a dime and is much easier to hit vs a 21H.