Newly converted to Team Titleist

Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to TT KentS and like you I have tried secretly other OEM's equipment with no avail. I always end up with my old trusty Titleist gear. There is a Feel and Confidence i get when i play Titleist. I always get looks and comments when i'm on the range when the 913 driver is hit with its soft muted sound with long slightly fade shots. And don't forget all the feel and technology you get with Mr. Vokey and Scotty!!! Enjoy and Welcome Again!!


I too have finally made the leap! I've always liked titleist just never had the funds. I finally said its just money and I'll make more tomorrow. I should be receiving my AP2's and Vokey SM4 wedges any time now and getting fitted for my 913D and 913F next week! I've never had anything but a Cameron so I'm good there. I'll post pics when I get everything! I'm super pumped! Hopefully one of the pics will have one of those sweet Team Titleist bag Tags if you know what I mean!

If  I hadn't joined TT, I'd still be playing my Burner 7 wood, SQ hybrids, Eye 2 irons and Vokey wedges.

The only non-Titleist clubs in my bag are the driver (TM 2K7 HT Draw Burner), putter (White Hot 7H) and persimmon 34H.  They ain't broke and I ain't gonna fix them.

The rest are 910F 19* fairway, 910H 21 and 27* hybrids, AP1 6-PW, SM4 52-12 and 60-10 wedges.

I've been playing Vokey wedges since 2007.  Nothing better.

I've had a 975D driver, 975 16.5 and 20.5 fairways (2007-2009),  980F 15 and 19* (2010).  They were OK, but, honestly, that Burner 7 wood I had in 2011 just smoked them.  Now I smoke it with my 910F.


Welcome to Team Titleist.  Living in Northern Illinois I feel your pain with the weather.   This is a great group of people that will help you get through the next couple months.  Plenty of good info to read and study.