Vokey TVD SM4 Wedges

Started by : Mike C |

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Mike C

Has anybody switched over from the "old" spin milled groves to the SM4 groves on the Vokey TVD Wedges?  My current TVD wedges with the old grooves are wearing down and need to be replaced.  Love the wedges, their versitility and the turf interaction but concerned about changing the grooves.  I guess new SM4 groves are probably much better than worn down spin milled grooves.

Mike C

Thanks for the feedback, Mike.  I went ahead and ordered a replacement from the Vokey Wedgeworks.  Exact same as my previous down to the stampings.  I guess you could say I am a little superstitious!  Look forward to the new grooves with the TVD grind.  Thanks again for the quick response, I appreciate it! 

Joshua O

I also swapped over from the old SM4 to the new TVD and I am getting better action with the TVD designs. It is probably just due to my old wedges being severly used and very due for replacement.  You wont be dissapointed!