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Ben M


I'm looking to purchase my first set of titleist irons. I currently play png g20's and love them. The reason for the switch is that I am ready to take my golf game to the next level. I have been playing golf for about a year and a half and shoot anywhere from 82-89. The reason for the wide spread scoring is due to the fact that I cant drive or chip on a consistent basis but my irons are always pretty dialed in. I really want to get the ap2's and take lessons and learn to hit them but I fear they will be too difficult to adjust to and will take too long to get used to. That's where I have a dilemma. Do I get the ap2 and learn to hit them or get the ap1's that will be better for me now?


The AP2's are in no way difficult to hit. From what you described your game as, I wouldn't hesitate to get the AP2's. Of course, try them first. Before I got mine, I tried Amps, Pro a12's and CB3's, and AP1's. My shots were best with the Pro a12's and the AP2's. I liked the feel of the AP2's the best. I have also been playing for a year and a half, and shoot in the upper 80's (can't pitch, and sprayed drives).

Before these I had Tech V3's. I couldn't stand the hybrids making up half the set. The AP2's gave me much more confidence both on the tee and on the fairway with the long irons. Rough shots with the 5 iron on down give equally pleasing results. The consistency of distance with these clubs is awesome. My only regret is not getting a stiffer shaft.


Over experience, the AP1's really are more of a game improvement iron. The AP2's are a definitive "Players" iron. The short irons wont be much harder to hit then what you have, but the long irons are what make the difference. Quite frankly, hitting the AP2's solid will feel like butter, when compared to the G20's. Its up to you, but to break that 80 mark, you have to start hitting greens from 170+ and that takes some serious accuracy with the long irons. 

Ron M.

 Ben... I was in the same situation your in and choose the AP2's ...They forced me to be a better student of the game and correct my swing with lessons and practice....I loving my AP2's now and glad I choose them...After the lessons I hit them better than any club I every had....I would go with them and dial in your swing...Good luck


Good to hear that you've only been playing for 1 1/2 yrs. and are already playing so well. In my opinion, (of course I'm bias) you can't go wrong chooseing Titleist clubs. PG make good equipment, but their just not in the same league with Titleist. As far as your question goes, I'd want to know how old you are? If you are a young person, and have many years left to gain experiance, and get better with your game I' say get the AP2's and learn to play them along with learning your game better. If your an old geezer like me your game will slowly go down hill (like mine) so in that case, I'd go with the AP1's. Ap1's have a little bit bigger hear, and are easier to hit, but with the AP2's you'll be more able to work the ball better as your game gets better, and you'll be able to grow into the AP2's if your a younger person. Which ever model you choose, be sure to get fitted for your Titleist irons, and you won't be sorry.  That's my 2 cents worth, for what it's worth.

Rod C

Hi Ben, I understand your delima and the answer IMO is it depends. If you really want to put the time into practice go with the ap2. When you hit bad shots you will know it and make swing changes to correct it. I think that's the satisfaction of hitting a good shots and improving your handicap. If you want immediate satisfaction go with ap1. Either way you win by enjoying this great game! Good luck!


Ben, I am in the same boat as you, and went with the AP1s. I went with the AP1s because I wanted more consistency, not playability, with my irons. I found myself hitting a good draw for a week, then a fade the next, then a slice the next. The AP1 allows me to hit straighter shots more consistently. The AP2s are much less forgiving and are for damn good golfers. Could a 15 handicap play well with AP2s? Sure, but I'd take a look on Titleist's website under Irons and read, read, read. I read constant reviews and concluded that I was going to get the AP1s, and I am ecstatic.

Connor I.

I hit the Titleist Ap2's, and they are a very solid iron and also pretty forgiving. If you feel confident in your ball striking then I would definitely go with the Ap2's because you can work the ball a lot more than the Ap1. You just have to figure out which one will make you confident before every shot. If you like the smaller head with a slightly thinner topline than go with the Ap2's, if you like the more chunky head with a thicker topline than go with the Ap1. If you do happen to go with the Ap2, make sure you get the right shaft in them because it really makes a big difference.

good luck in 2013!


Richard M


I went through this same dilema last season. I was hitting irons from another manufacturer and loved them but had always been a fan of Titleist products. I actually got fitted and during the fitting process it came down to Tileist AP-1's or another manufacturer and I went with the other manufacturer only because of cost. However at the end of the season I went back and bought a set of AP-1's 5 thru GW in graphite shaft with regular flex. My advice is to get fit properly. Titleist makes the best products by far. I have talked to many people in the golf industry and their products hold their value very well. Back to your question, I think the AP-1's would be a better fit. You will be leass likely to get frustrated and enjoy them more.

clayton t

go with ap2 learn to hit them if you get ap1 you may find after couple years your needing to get game improvement clubs have to buy again... atleast thats advise i got from instructor


Clayton; That's a good advice for Ben to get the AP2's instead of the AP1's so in a couple years he won't need to upgrade to the AP2's. But there are always 2 sides to every coin. If Ben is a married man (or not) if he gets the AP1's now and in a coupleof years he fells like he needs to upgrade, he will have a good excuse to buy a new set of Titleist Irons.

philip g

I would recommend going out and trying each set. I loved the set of AP1 that I had but switched over to the CB. I don't think you can go wrong with any set of the titleist irons 

clayton t

norris i done found excuse to saving for 712 ap2 told my wife the 710s ap2 are break in clubs although only had them a month they are new even though they are couple years old

cam j

if you are good with irons i say go with the ap2. they are a very good iron and are forged. They are easy to hit and for a forged club they are very forgiving. 

Jan-Ivan L

If you're shooting between 82 and 89 i'm pretty sure you can handle AP2's.  Just make sure you get fit for the right shafts and you won't be upset.  

Just shot my best tournament round with my 712 AP2's last weekend (4-over 76) and my playing partner was trying to buy my clubs off of me!  LOL!

scott a

There’s a macho thing out there for guys and game improvement irons. Don’t get caught up in it. The score is all that matters.  


Easier to hit is good thing. I’m a 7 and couldn’t be any happier with my ap 1’s. Gamed “players” clubs for years and years. There is no reason to make it harder than it needs to be.


I fully intended to buy the 2’s then I was fit. Then I hit the 1’s. I can work the ball any way I need to and don’t need to hit it dead perfect for a good result.


In the end you need to hit them both and decide what fits your game best.  


Then hope and pray someday you need to make it harder because you got too good!

clayton t

A wise man once said “can’t never could do anything.” I put that to heart with anything in life. When I went out to find out which clubs for me I Google it mostly I found was turning me to stay away from Titleist. But I am Titleist thru and thru then I read up on Ap1 and Ap2. Then I talked to 2 different instructors from 2 different courses in 2 different towns both advised not to get beginner clubs and move up to more of player clubs. Today the instructor said something that made since to me. “A pro golfer can out play an amateur with $15.00 clubs to an amateur $1000 clubs” why because it’s in the swing not in the clubs. Another wise man said “we as humans are creatures of habit we tend to stay in our comfort zone” I picked Ap2 because basically I was told I can’t hit them if Ap1 are more forgiven I don’t want that to be a crutch to my game if Ap1 fits you then get them if Ap2 fits you get them.  

Lou G

Best thing to do is hit them side by side.  I can hit a forged player club just as well as a game improvement iron. It is correct about a pro hitting a $20 set of irons better than an average person with a $1000 set of irons. 

The lofts differ by 2* on the shorter irons and 1* on the longer irons. 

I've had a set of AP1s 6-PW since last May.   They work very well and I don't have a problem working them. 

I recently got a hold of a set of 755 irons that I hit equally well.  The way my AP1s are set up are 28-32-36-41-46.   The 755s are missing the 4 iron and 7 iron so 5-P is setup 27-32-37-42-47.   The AP1 6 and 7 iron get the same distance as the 755 5 and 6.  The 755 8 iron has about a 20 yard gap vs the AP1 7 iron and the 755 9 iron has the same distance as the AP1 PW.  The 755 and AP1 PW differ by 4 yards.  I also hit the AP1 PW better on a 25 yard bunker shot in soft sand.

Need to evaluate all aspects.  Do they pick the ball cleanly off the fairway?  How do they work around the greens (important with 9 and PW)?  How do they hit out of sand (you may occasionally use a  9 or PW to do a blast shot out of a long bunker). 

You might even end up with a mixed set - AP1 5 and 6 irons, AP2 7 and 8 irons and CB 9 and PW.

Lou G

Try them out side by side during the fitting or rent a demo set of each type. 

I have AP1 7-PW and I have learned quite a few tricks with them.  I'm one of those that can grab a $5 8 iron and hit it just as well as a $120 8 iron.  I'm also at the point where I can hit a forged player iron (such as the 755 Forged) reasonably well.  I took out my AP1s and 755 8-PW on a game last week.  Where the player irons have the leg up is picking the ball better and around the greens.  The AP1s leg up was distance (and I had the lofts on the 755s 1* weak vs the AP1s) and that was a whole club.  There's also one thing I can do better with a GI PW vs a player PW: hit 25 yard bunker shots in soft sand.

AP1 irons, in my opinion, are halfway between a player iron and a super GI iron (such as a G10 or G20).  Forgiving but pretty workable.

I'm pretty open to trying AP2s and, since I already know what shaft works well and what my lie angles and club lengths are, I may look in the iron bin at Golf Mart for some short irons.

I also don't carry a full set of irons since I play a 910F 19*, a 9 wood, 910H 27* and a persimmon 34* hybrid (the wooden club is more of a backup for the 7 and 8 iron in some situations and is more of a "Billy Baroo" on the golf course).