Curious about Stock Shaft Choices for 913 Drivers?

Started by : Jim M |

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Jim M

I'm curious as to why the stock shaft for the D+ is the 72 gram shaft as opposed to the 62 gram shaft?  I know you can get the 62 gram shaft at no upcharge...but will the weight be adjusted to provide the same swingweight at standard lenght of 45"?  What if I were to customize the length to 45.5" with the D+62 shaft?  Again, would the weight be adjusted to swingweight the same as the D+72 gram shaft at standard length?

Jim M

So the standard swingweight for the 913 drivers is D3?  If I went with the 72 D+ at standard length, or the 62 D+ at standard length, each/either would be built to D3 swingweight as standard?

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The +D72 would be built at D4 with standard length and grip and the +D62 would be built at D3 with standard length and grip