New clubs ordered today.

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I just ordered a 913D2 9.5 degree with a Diamana D+ White 72 X flex shaft and Winn DriTac grip, and a SC Cali Monterey, 34" with a Winn AVS Midsize grip. Only one non-Titleist club left, and its replacement is already planned.

Ron M.

Enjoy your new clubs....I have the same grip on my 1.5 and love it....


I just added the last club last night. 913F, 15* Diamana White 82 S flex. This club isn't as long as the one that I am replacing, but it is very accurate. Even still, as I get used to it, I'll probably squeeze out a few more yards with it.


Everything came in yesterday and I picked them up today. The putter exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to put into play this weekend.