913f or 913fd

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Joshua M

I currently own the 910fd 15* and I absolutely love it. I'm Looking to buy a new 5 wood but nobody in my area is carrying the fd. You have to special order it. Has anyone compared the 913f to the 913fd? I can't afford to special order something I might not like so any suggestions would be great.

Keith M

I picked up a 913Fd on launch day.  15*, diamana blue 72 stiff.  I never had a 910 so I don't have it to compare to, but I will say hands down the 913Fd is the best fairway wood I've ever hit.  It's long, forgiving, and fantastic performance.  

If I had been in your position, and unable to buy it in a store, I would have ordered it without a second thought.  Knowing that my driver spin is on the higher side, the Fd was the right selection for me.  I understand there is no substitute for being able to try the club before you buy, but even given my short history with Titleist, they bend over backwards to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.  (Always a good thing.)

I hope this helps.  Best of luck to you here's hoping you find more fairways and greens.


I tested the 913F today (15* with the Venom shaft) at Golf Galaxy and boy was it incredible.  The Fd is going to be more for workability and the F is more forgiving which is what I was told.  

I was hitting it consistent and LONG!  I have a 909 F2 15.5 and I don't hit it very well.  The 913F 15* I was hitting consistently 220-230!

Can't wait to put my order in with my pro!