Best way to clean marks off a 910 driver?

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Pete D

As I have a new 913 driver on the way, I'm looking to spiff up my 910D3 to get it ready for sale on e--bay. Any thoughts on how best to remove those small marks from balls & tees? I'm pretty sure the ball marks are from range balls.


Christian J

I agree with Jeff.  Stay away from the white tees, and get some black or brown ones.


Get one of those club cleaning brushs that have tooth brush brissels on one side, and have brass brissels on the other side. Wet the brush in with water, then work it back and forth on a bar of hand soap until there is plenty of soap on the brush. (you may have to do this 2-3 times to get the soap soft enough to get plenty on the brush) Run a little water on your club enough to get it wet, then use the tooth brush type brissels to scrub the face, and sole of the club.. If you still have marks on the club, use the brass brissel side of the brush and gently scrub the club with it. You may want to scrub it a little more with the tooth brissel side to finish up. Don't use the brass brissels on the painted crown or any other painted part of the club since it may scratch the paint. of the club, but it won't scratch the face or sole.


Guys, get a magic sponge at the grocery store, wet it with water and remove the tee marks.  It's no harder than that.  cleans both the face and sole.

Nick D

My best suggestion is wax. I used it and all of the marks come right of




Soak in a bucket of simple green and water, then wipe down. Gets out most marks. I also use black tees!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

kevin w

Soak in a bucket of simple green and water, then wipe down. Gets out most marks. I also use black tees!

With the advent of weights and multi material designs. we don't recommend putting any head (whether it is an iron or wood) into liquid any longer.  Wiping it off is the best way - you can try some of the methods the guys have listed - or you can even use mineral spirits.  As Norris said, be careful about using a metal brush as it can scratch surfaces. 


A & H Magic Eraser works fantastic. 

Pete D

Thank you all. I will see how it goes this weekend and provide feedback.

Jim L

Windex and a soft tooth brush after every round......