Titleist Alignment Aid on 910H & 913H????

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Dr. Kovatchian


Are the 910H & 913H available with the Titleist Signature Alignment Aid in the top of the club???

If not.....why were they designed without this iconic and necessary feature???


Dr. K


Do you have a pic? I have not seen this feature before. Thx

Cameron D

Dr. K, 

There is not an option to have the Titleist fulcrum added to the crown of the hybrids.  The reason being player preference.  Testing indicated that is is not preferred visually. 



Greg F

IMO it is not necessary for an alignment aid on a hybrid. One can frame the ball quite well with the hybrid head. 

Dr. Kovatchian


That's Strange....then why wouldn't all the metals be without the fulcrum???

Does it have something to do with the shape of the hybrid crown and how the fulcrum interacted visually???

Henry T

Im with ya here on this one. I dont even use it for alignment anyways, i can align my clubs just fine, but it just looks so sharp on the all black head. Because it doesnt have it, i feel like it doesnt go with the drivers and fairways that have it. i reaaly wish there was atleast an option to have it on there.

Cameron D

Dr. K,

Strictly player preference.  Our R&D Department does a lot of intense tour and consumer testing, which helps us develop the best playing and looking clubs on the market.  This testing has led us to developing certain metal woods with or without the fulcrum.  It is very nice to hear your feedback, so certainly let us know what you like to see.