Current Grips on your Titleist Clubs???

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

2 extra wraps with logo underside

The absolute best in wet conditions and warm/humid climates!

Winn DriTac Standards. I am allergic to latex rubber, so I need rubber free grips. These supposedly have rubber in the cores but they haven't bothered me at all.

I just put on the Golf Pride Multi compounds and they look and feel great.  

I use golf pride bct cords and absolutely love them.  My hands sweat quite a bit and they really help with that since i dont wear a glove.  But they are also soft enough that they dont tear your hands up like previous cord grips.  If you go to they have a grip selector section that is real helpful narrowing down what you are looking for in a grip and then giving you a couple suggestions.



 I use GP Tour Velvet, 3 wraps.

 Chris S

golf pride muti compound mid-size, white on woods and hybrid, blue on irons and red on wedges. like the look and the feel, and the red for scoring as in the red zone. just having fun with the game

Winn dry tack are my fav. 

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Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord, 2 extra wraps, logo underneath.

Can't beat these in wet weather and hot, humid summers!

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Golf pride new decades red/black logo down driver-wedges

I've been using Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound  grips since 2007 or so. I haven't given switching to another grip a thought. Prior to that I used Golf Pride Tour Velvet Corded grips.   

I love the golf pride tour velvet. I use the 580's on mine

Golf Pride VDR with 3 wraps.

I use Tour Velvet BCT cords on all my clubs fantastic grips Id reccomend to anyone

Golf Pride Tour Velvet.  Best bang for the buck.


I would have to go with the Golf Pride New Decade Multi compound mid sized. I think they feel great. They are not to soft or hard but just perfect. With the cord in the grip helping to absorbing some moisture.