B-Day gift from the wife..

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I think she knows me pretty well:)



Nice!  Wish my wife would buy me awesome stuff like that!


My birthday gift (30th is 3/17) is we are leaving Sunday morning for 7 days in Pebble Beach.  Playing Monterey Peninsula CC, Pebble, and Cypress.  Will be representing the Titleist/Footjoy brands in pebble loud and proud next week.  I'm excited to say the least.  


I think you probably ought to keep her Kevin !

Ron M.

Great gift 4sure.....Happy B=day...enjoy your new clubs..

Johnny C

Awesome gifts, awesome wife!

David B

My 30th BDay (2/23) yielded new AP2 712's.  I had to treat myself to those, but they are in the bag none the less.  Happy Birthday!