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John F

Is there a general consensus on which 3 wood and Hybrid is the more forgiving of the 2 models? What is the difference in the "d" version? Have been fitted for D3 Driver. Wanted the consensus on fairway n Hybrid before ordering.


Don O

The "d" versions move the weight forward.  This makes it easier to shape shots, but the rear weight will make it easier for the less experts to make more consistent contact and increase launch.  The "d" versions are definitely geared to the better players. 

You have to account for variables of shaft length and loft differences.  Titleist definitely recommends getting fit and let them build your equipment.  Some of the others promote more off the rack.  Fitting is more important since off the rack has fewer senior options.  Titleist has more traditional lofts and shaft lengths that tend to be easier to hit.

I've never been able to find more distance with the longer shafted products comparing equivalent lofts and the head adjustibility with my 910s has worked for me.  "Easier" will come down to confidence and feel, for you.  Note a former Titleist ambassodor is still struggling with his comfort with a whole new bag and ball.  I expect he will do better, but he needs to trust his new equipment.




Chances are if you were fitted for a D3 driver the Fd and Hd are great options...I would also agree with the comments said earlier...

Lou G

Marc H

Don't know the answer to that, but wonder how the Titleist hybrids compare with the Rocketballz or cally.  Which is easier for a short hitting, low handicap senior golfer?

Rocketballz are way too upright and way too long.    I'm 6'1" and tried an RBZ 4 wood - too hard to hit without choking down an inch.

I have a 910F 19 fairway and I hit it much farther than I did my Burner 7 wood (and the 910F is set at 20.5*).   The 19F has A flex but is cut to 41" and I use the A3 setting.

Cally clubs are pretty flat lie angle.

I have a 910H 27* and it has regular flex.  The length is 38" and I also have it set to A3. 

The 910s have a much more penetrating trajectory vs the TM clubs.