Fujikura "Off Menu" hybrid shafts

Started by : Patrick D |

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Patrick D

Just wondering how many Fujikura hybrid shaft are available as "Off Menu" shafts? I am mainly interested in the Fujikura Fuel hybrid shaft and the Motore Speeder VC hybrid shaft. Are either of those available and in what specs? I am looking to order a 913 H.D next week so if someone could get back to me I would appreciate it! Thank you!

Patrick D

Oh ok. Was hoping you had more to choose from off menu cause I'm not interested in those 2 others. I thought I saw on here that the Motore Speeder HB 90 was available off menu but the tour spec version wasn't yet. Might have misread it though. Was really looking for to that shaft or the Fuel Hybrid. Let me know of anything changes. Thanks for your help tho!

David A

Is the Motore speeder hybrid shaft available