913H 17degree vs 913F 17degree

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Here's my situation.  i have 913 D2 9.5, 585H 21* (hit about 205~215) and i just picked up a used 910 Fd 13.5* to replace TM 15*.  I love 910 Fd 13.5* off the deck/tee but i have a hard time being consistent on the fairway.  So right now i don't have a good club for 230~250 range.  Since i only use 52, 56 wedge and i took out the 3 iron, i'm thinking about adding another wood.

I haven't tried increasing 910Fd to 15* and try to hit off the fairway but i really like 910Fd 13.5 off the deck on tight fairways.

so if i were to add another wood for fairway, should i go with 913H 17* or 913F 17*?


The 913 H 17*, will probably be easier to hit off the ground than the 913 F. You probably will have more consistency with the 913 H too. However, the 913 F probably will go further off the tee than the 913 H.


i finally got to try the 913 H and 913F.  I was definitely more consistent and comfortable with 913H 17* hitting around 230~235 range which is the distance that i'm looking for.  I'll probably pick 913H up but may be i'll wait couple months to check out the 712U first and make a decision.  

I wonder what the main purpose and advantage of 712U will be.  replacing the 2-4 irons for people who likes irons over hybrid?

Lou G

The 913H 17* theoretically should swing like a 7 wood. 

I have a 910F 19* with a shaft length of 41" and A3 Surefit setting and I crush it.    I also have my 910H 27* set at 38" length with A3 and I can hit the daylights out of the ball (was hitting a few screamers that went about 180 today).

Lou G

Congrats on finding the club that works. 

Over the years I have found a fairway wood between 40.5-41.5" (lie angle between 60-59*) and a hybrid around 38-38.5" (lie angle between 61 and 60.5) works fine.  44.5" driver with 58.5* lie angle works well also.  These are what fit my swing.   Ditto with irons 35-36.5 (lie angle 65 - 63).  

Already established that ~20* fairway wood with 41" shaft does the same thing as a 17H with better results.