Bending Already Adjustable Clubs

Started by : Thomas K |

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Thomas K

I currently am playing Titleist 585 H hybrids in 17* and 21* lofts.  Can you bend - before adjustment - the 18* 913 HD to 17* and the 20* 913 HD to 21*?  I like the smaller-sized hybrids much more than the almost-wood-like hybrids and I'd like the ability to play the 18* head with 1* less bounce and the 20* head with 1* more.  Any thoughts?


Ken W

The heads don't have a hosel to bend. The SureFit adapter takes care of those adjustments. What would lead you to worry about the bounce of a hybrid when one degree of bounce is negligible even in wedges?

Lou G

Also, hybrids are generally not meant to be bent.  I saw a hybrid/iron bending machine at Golfworks and the key word is that it will SAFELY bend most hybrid models.  Whether or not Titleist hybrids are among them is a matter for the staff here; furthermore, most fitters will not risk bending hybrids (just like Png irons and stainless steel models) because of the risk of breakage.