Putter Shaft

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Gus M

Lately, I've seen on tour some pros using putters with a graphite shaft instead of steel. I was wondering why and/or what it does if anything.

Ken W

Most likely it is a black nickel coated steel shaft. Coated steel shafts have been around forever but have really exploded in the last 4-5 years. Scotty has been using them a lot more recently as they look fantastic with the deep black Select heads.


Scotty has used graphite shafts for years and they are more about the look and in some cases a softer feel with lighter over all weight (stronger/more athletic players usually prefer a heavier club).  Their is also a smoked color steel shaft some people have used but that is purely cosmetic.  I guess to answer your question it is personal preference...most use it for cosmetics though...

Just my two cents...