AP1 aux wedge or Vokey

I agree with you Brian. I have the AP1 50* W and it works well for me. It's good out of the fairway (about 85-90 yds.out) and for long bunker shots. I seem to do better with the AP1 50* W by landing a little short and letting it release to the hole, rather than hitting it long and hoping it will spin back.

Dan, I have the same AP1 setup (4-9), but I have a Vokey 46.08* instead of the AP1 PW. My situation was similar to yours, and I went with the Vokey, and I am happy. The only thing is that the AP1 AW will likely be easier to hit than the Vokey wedge due to the chunkiness and forgiveness of the AP1s. The Vokey wedges are rather thin blades, so if you're not having the best day striking the ball, it can work to your disadvantage.

Keano26, Update: I dropped my PW (45*) for another Vokey too. A 46. So now I have AP1 712s 4-9, SM4 Vokeys 46, 50, 54, 58. Cant wait for the weather to break si I can try it out. The 46, and 50 feel better at the indoor range, than the stock AP1s.