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John Grant D

Please can you tell me the correct weight I should have in a Newport 1.5.I play with a putter that is 32 Inch in length and I am looking to change to a Scotty Cameron.The Newport 1.5 was the on that I had looked at. If I require to order a custom fit putter I will but I was wanting to no what weight I would need in the head.

Look forwrd to your reply

John Drummond

John Grant D


Thanks for that,is it possible for me to buy a 33 inch  Putter and cut it down myself.I can also put in my own weights.Is this possible,or not.

Thanks once again

Ken W

It makes more sense to order the putter for both time and price. If you buy a 33, cut it down, and find the weight feels too light, you'll have to purchase the 25g weights and the special tool online which will be pricey. Ordering the putter custom will not be a lengthy process and you'll get it exactly how you want it right out of the box.

paul a

john, yes you can do that. i have done it myself on several of my putters. i use a tubing cutter to cut the length, and if you have a weight tool you can replace the weights. i use a heat gun on the weights on low setting for a short while to loosen the loctite they install on the weights. they should remove easily after that. hope this helps, paul.

John Grant D

Paul i was looking at an old Studio Select Laguna 1.5,would the weight still have to be 25g  in this head

paul a

john, you do not neccessarily have to use 25 gram weights in your putter if you cut your putter down to 32", that is what the scotty cameron website recommends. i have used 20 gram weights but it feels a little light to me. you just have to experiment with your putter to see what feels right for you. personally the heavier weight feels right for me. you can call the cameron custom shop at 1-760-591-9720 and they can give you the advice you need. hope this helps, let me know, hit em straight, paul. you can go on the scotty cameron website in the custom shop under options  to see their recommendations.