Scotty Cameron, which one?

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I'm thinking about buying Scotty Cameron and have few questions.

1. Is there going to be a new 2013 model coming out this year?

2. I'm a straight back and straight through putting player, which Scotty Cameron is the best for that style.


i did some research and found out that scotty doesn't believe in straight back straight forward putting style. i guess he only believes in arc... 

And i just realized that my current putter is not even a straight back straight through putter either.

My old 2ball putter is so i'm thinking i'll try that one for awhile and then try the arc technique and see which one will work best for me.


The GoLo S and the GoLo5 S (straight, center shaft) are perfect for a straight back and through swing. I have a back and through swing myself, and I just bought a GoLo S and it's the best putter I've ever picked up. So far, from the first time I played with it, I have putted better than I have in years, if ever. The GoLo S & 5 S are mallet type putters, and Scotty also makes a blade type with a straight shaft that would be a good back and through putter. Cathi from Titleist mentioned it in another discussion, so you could look through past posts and find it.

Robert J

A couple of Cameron putters which may work for you would be the GoLo models, the California Fastback, or the Newport Notchback. These have less toe hang, and are for those players without large arcing putter paths. Check out the Scotty Cameron tab on the Titleist website, or even the Scotty Cameron site for much more information.

Dan C

First, style: What to you prefer the players look of the Newport, the art or a California, or the size of a mallet.

Second, feel: do you like the firmer feel of the older mill style or the soft, new deep milling.

Third, Weight:  Do you like the heavier weight of a mallet or Golo, or the lighter weight of a Newport of California.

Fourth, Length: What length suits you best.

Fifth, Grip: What grip feels best in your hands.


I use a Golo and switched from a Newport for more weight, I also have the 15g in it and may switch to 20 or 25's.  Play around with many different types of putters, I strongly believe that by far it is the most important club in the bag that will usually be used on every hole and can be the difference between 80's and breaking par.

I really hoped this helped, I love the game and helping others and hope I helped you pick the right club.  I'd love to know what you got so please let me know, thanks!

Dan S

The Newport 2 works for me and I'm a straight back, straight through putter like you.

Curtis M

All in feel man.  Go hit a few different ones and decide what you like best.  No one can tell you what will be more comfortable for your swing. 


Good advice Dan. I had always had this thing about "why pay so much money for a putter" until (like you said) someone said the putter is the only club that you use on ever hole, and is your scoring club, so why not play the best putter you can buy (and I believe a SC is the best). When I heard that, the preverbable light bulb came on in my head, and it dawned on me that we think nothing about paying a ton of money for the "Big Dog" and then want to skimp dollars on the most important club in our bag. That's when I bought my GoLo S and it's the best putter I've ever had, not to mention the best investment I've ever made.

Brian J

Anything with a center shaft will probably help with the sbst stroke.  But its also got to fit your eye.  Scotty Cameron anything completely face balanced since the Squareback I believe.  Just test some out and see what looks and feels great to you.


You just convinced me to pull the trigger. I was thinking 349 is too steep which it really is but it's the most important club in the bag. I have a Scotty Cameron American Classic III. I Madeira putts last year than I've ever made but this year it doesn't feel the same. So guess ill pony up n

Tim S

the Newport 2.6 is amazing to me,....great feel and weight


Oh my gosh, i went to a local store to just try different scotty camerons and they had a used GoLo S Mid 40 inches (Yes 40 inches... i guess either it was custom ordered (is it possible to order at 40 inches?) or it was cut down at the store (the guy at the store wouldn't give me a straight answer)) and i used it like a normal putter and the putter felt amazing. btw, i'm 6'4" so using 40 inch as a belly putter would be very difficult. i've never felt this stable, comfortable and consistent with any type of putters before. i didn't pick that one up since i didn't like their used price and still wasn't sure why it was 40 inches.

what do you all think about using a short belly putter as a normal putter?

Would there be a way to get a GoLo S mid 40 inches or should i just get the 41 inches?

Or is it possible to get the regular GoLo S 39 inches or 40 inches?

Any thoughts?



Honestly, I wouldn't worry about what type of stroke you have and more about how you feel with each putter. I am unfortunately very picky and go between clubs/putters like its no man's business: I have tried about every Scotty Cameron putter, recently tried the Golo S, then the Golo 5s and am now back to the regular Newport.... which I absolutely love and always go back to. 

It would be ideal to try all the putters out on the course, especially since the price on those baby's exceeds most car payments. I would highly recommend looking for demo day's only because a lot of shops are doing them this time of year. I see so many guys get equipment without trying it on the course they indubitably regret it. 

Try and test out the putter before you buy, especially if you're looking at a Scotty Cameron:) Just my two bits, 




what do you all think about using a short belly putter as a normal putter?

There are a number of people using a non anchored long putter for a counter balanced feel. Also some use a non anchored belly putter with the shaft along their lead forearm. Both are legal even if the anchored putter ban takes effect.


Can't help with the shaft lenght, but you've picked a great putter. I just got my GoLo S and played it twice, and I've never putted this well in my life. After only 2 rounds with this putter, now I expect ever putt to go in, and if it doen'nt, it just barely misses.

Tom B

I have two.  I'm more of a mallet man so a Red X that I have had for about 10 years, love it, have tons of confidence in it and make far more than I miss.   I've gotten used to the insert and the soft feel.   Also have a California Del Mar, not quite as much a mallet, and no insert I use for slow and/or wet greens that goes a little more w/o the insert, using the same stroke.  Both 35" with the pistolero grip on them.  Hard to go wrong with all the balance and precision in a Scotty.  Go to a green grass shop and take a couple out on the green with you and see which LOOKS best and FEELS best to you.  Ask one of the pros to take a look at you and offer his opinion too, even if you have to pay him for a quick lesson.  If you're going to spend that much do it right, and nothing shaves strokes quicker than sinking putts.   Experiment with different styles based on what you use now and what look you like.  You'll find one you'll love

Tom B

I play a newport. I would ask the pro at your club to let you try one for 18 holes and see if you like it first. At my club you can actually use the putter out of the pro shop to see if you like it first. But I would first have a qualified pro check your alingment before spending the big money.


i finally pulled the trigger.  I ordered the GoLo S mid 40 inches and will be using it as a normal putting style.  I am so excited and I can't wait to receive this one.


Congrats on the purchase of your new treasure, bigearnucsd. I just finished playing my GoLo S for the third time, and I'll tell you, I wouldn't take a small farm in Texas for it, and I know you'll be just as proud of your's when you get it. Be sure to let us know when you get it, and how you putt with it.

Austin S

Does anybody own or know somebody who owns a 2011 California Monterey? The only reason I am referring to 2011 is because of the honey dipped finish


oh my oh my, the putter just came to my office.  wasn't expecting it to arrive this fast since it was a custom order.  i get to try it tomorrow morning.  i'll update after my round tomorrow.


I have a GoLo 5 coming any day.  Can't wait to get it on the course.


Christopher W

Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2


i took it out to the course today and it was AMAZING.  i only putted on the carpet last night so didn't know how it was going to turn out at the actual course. Hole#1, knocked in a 6ft birdie putt, the very first putt with this putter.

no 3 putts today. huge difference with the way ball rolled compared to my old putter.  

Padraic S

Golo is the best go with the original you'll put like magic or get a see**** putter they are sweet



I like the cover.

I just got a California Monteray, and I love it. I have an arch back then straight through type putting stroke (the arch back helped eliminate the pulled putts that a sbst stroke used to give me), and once I learned the pace with this putter, it has worked out great for me.


You have a great putter there Padraic. I've had my GoLo S now for a month, and I've never putted this well before. Would have gotten one along time ago if I knew then what I know now.