Scotty Cameron, which one?

Can't help with the shaft lenght, but you've picked a great putter. I just got my GoLo S and played it twice, and I've never putted this well in my life. After only 2 rounds with this putter, now I expect ever putt to go in, and if it doen'nt, it just barely misses.

I have two.  I'm more of a mallet man so a Red X that I have had for about 10 years, love it, have tons of confidence in it and make far more than I miss.   I've gotten used to the insert and the soft feel.   Also have a California Del Mar, not quite as much a mallet, and no insert I use for slow and/or wet greens that goes a little more w/o the insert, using the same stroke.  Both 35" with the pistolero grip on them.  Hard to go wrong with all the balance and precision in a Scotty.  Go to a green grass shop and take a couple out on the green with you and see which LOOKS best and FEELS best to you.  Ask one of the pros to take a look at you and offer his opinion too, even if you have to pay him for a quick lesson.  If you're going to spend that much do it right, and nothing shaves strokes quicker than sinking putts.   Experiment with different styles based on what you use now and what look you like.  You'll find one you'll love

I play a newport. I would ask the pro at your club to let you try one for 18 holes and see if you like it first. At my club you can actually use the putter out of the pro shop to see if you like it first. But I would first have a qualified pro check your alingment before spending the big money.

i finally pulled the trigger.  I ordered the GoLo S mid 40 inches and will be using it as a normal putting style.  I am so excited and I can't wait to receive this one.

Congrats on the purchase of your new treasure, bigearnucsd. I just finished playing my GoLo S for the third time, and I'll tell you, I wouldn't take a small farm in Texas for it, and I know you'll be just as proud of your's when you get it. Be sure to let us know when you get it, and how you putt with it.

Does anybody own or know somebody who owns a 2011 California Monterey? The only reason I am referring to 2011 is because of the honey dipped finish

oh my oh my, the putter just came to my office.  wasn't expecting it to arrive this fast since it was a custom order.  i get to try it tomorrow morning.  i'll update after my round tomorrow.

I have a GoLo 5 coming any day.  Can't wait to get it on the course.


Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2

i took it out to the course today and it was AMAZING.  i only putted on the carpet last night so didn't know how it was going to turn out at the actual course. Hole#1, knocked in a 6ft birdie putt, the very first putt with this putter.

no 3 putts today. huge difference with the way ball rolled compared to my old putter.  

Golo is the best go with the original you'll put like magic or get a see**** putter they are sweet


I like the cover.

I just got a California Monteray, and I love it. I have an arch back then straight through type putting stroke (the arch back helped eliminate the pulled putts that a sbst stroke used to give me), and once I learned the pace with this putter, it has worked out great for me.

You have a great putter there Padraic. I've had my GoLo S now for a month, and I've never putted this well before. Would have gotten one along time ago if I knew then what I know now.