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Ken O

Now I'm playing the Aldila 75g graphite reg in AP1s. The weight is good for me. I want a higher ball flight. Are the KBS Pro 90s higher? And will the steel shaft lower the twist? I feel the torque on the graphites widens the dispersion. What about NSPros in light steel? I'm not concerned about distance, accuracy is my goal. Please help

Lou G

I have AP1s with DG R300 Hi Launch.    They give a high ball flight. 

I've tried some 755 irons with NSPro shafts and they were accurate.

Also a little point to ponder - there is a swingweight difference of 1 point for every 9 grams of shaft weight.  Not much for an Aldila 75 vs a 90 gram steel shaft.    About 5 swingweight points for something like DG R300 so the steel clubs can be shorter for more control (general rule is steel shafted irons are 1/2" shorter than graphite).