titleist tour model irons conforming grooves

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Brandon B

Wondering if the 1980s tour model irons have conforming grooves?

Brandon B

Mike,  The link took me to the USGA conforming club data base but my model is not listed.  Thanks for the reply, I guess my clubs would have to be tested.


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

In order to be listed on the USGA website for conforming grooves, we would have had to have a set to send to the USGA for testing.  Most of the Tour model irons did have V grooves, which in today's testing would pass the USGA rule for conforming grooves.  The caveat would be that the Tour models were hand polished which might lead to a slight variation in the edge that could possibly not pass the groove testing.  If you wish to play your irons in a conforming groove tournament, you would have to have them tested by the USGA.