712U vs. 712 AP1

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Chase N

I currently have 712 AP2's 4-PW, and 910H hybrid and 910F fairway wood(for reference: 910 D2 driver).  I'm very used to using irons though, only got the hybrid and fairway wood last year.

My question is this: if I were to replace my hybrid/wood combo and go to irons, would I be better off with 2 & 3 irons in 712U or AP1?

I'm mid-handicap and I have good iron play.  And like I said, I really don't hit the hybrid or fairway wood well consistently, much as I try.


Chase N

I hear you.  However, the hybrid(and fairway wood) aren't helpful if I can't say with confidence where I'm going to hit them!

I had a 3 iron in my last set(which were almost blades) and I used to hit it well.

Does anyone with experience using the 712U's have an opinion on this?

P. Blair

I have tried to displace my DCI Gold 1-iron for quite a few years now; the 712U hasn't been able to do it.

Something about that particular iron that has kept it, and its 2-iron sibling, in my bag since they were new. The trajectory is not ideal for tight greens, but I can hit them reliably.