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Ski Coach

Titleist Pro Staff,

I am considering replacing the shafts in my AP2 irons.  They currently have Dynamic Gold S300's in them.  I am curious in finding out if the KBS Tour shafts will match up with them since they are approx 10+ grams lighter than the DG's.  Also, if I do send these back to you for the change/modification, do you also offer the opportunity to spine the shafts prior to installation for maximum accuracy? 

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Bobby Nash

Francisco B

Hey there bobby I play these bad boys now got them installed with kbs tours when purchased but I did go to a demo day before to decide which one. I had a real tough decision though between the c-tapers and the tour. I hit the tour 90 as well way to high ball flight so I'd say go somewhere you can try all three shafts kbs is def the way to go I believe


I "was" using DG S300 before switching to KBS Tour X. IMO - the KBS are far more consistant and I love the ball flight. I am able to flight the ball up or down with every club. Especially with the 4 and 5 iron. Being able to hit it up on shallow firm greens is a treet. 

Utilize an on course fitting with a launch monitor if you can, the feedback you get is priceless.