buy now or wait?

Jason L.

Thanks for the advice. I'm still torn! My motivation isn't as much the price drop as it is missing out on clubs. I'd hate to get the 712s and realize I like the 714s significantly better. On the other hand, it isn't as though they'll be released to the public in the next couple of months. I recently sold my old iron set (miz) so I am currently iron-less. However, I could borrow my dad's old set (also miz) until this fall/winter so I don't NEED to get new clubs immediately. I'm pretty set on making the jump into Titleist, I guess I just have to figure out when to do it.


 Since your still torn I will offer my .02¢ 

I Believe we are past the days of major improvements. Remember clubs still have to conform to the rules  of golf. So I dont think there will be a significant change from the 712 to 714. Most improvements these days are  cosmetic and fancy marketing. Im sure there will be changes to the 714 but probably not significant enough for me to wait if I were you. But thats me.

I Think the best improvement anyone can make is to properly get fit to the right equipment. The right shafts, lofts and lie angle can make a world of difference. 


 Chris S

I am in the same boat as i am looking to replace my png s59 blades.  I was gonna order some 712 AP2's earlier this spring but some unexpected budget issues have postponed my purchase.  Depending on how the next couple off months go i may not have a choice but to wait on the 714's.  I do agree that the process of getting new irons is an awesome feeling.  My nephew and I spent a lot of time researching irons when he was getting new ones a few years ago.  It's a memory we both cherish.  Fun Fun.  

Good Luck on your decision Jason.   I just bought my AP2 712s, 3-pw.   I'll play these and pass up the 714s knowing the 716s will get my attention down the

Go Titleist!!!!


Thanks for everyone giving their opinion. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on them. I'm getting fit this next weekend for the first time (i've always just bought off the shelf) so I'm excited to experience the process. Assuming I like the clubs and hit well with them, there's no reason to wait. Been very impressed with Titleist's customer service and the Titleist community in general (and the fact that there is a community in the first place!) Thanks everyone!

Good for you Jason, you've made a wise choice. Have fun with your new clubs this year, and forget about what may or may not come in the fall. I just happened to stumble onto Team Titleist when I registered my 910D2 & 712AP1's, and I sure have enjoyed the discussions, and friendship from other Titleist owners even though I've never personally met anyone. I haven't checked into it, but to my knowledge, Titleist is the only manufacturer that has a group like this, and it's great that the Titleist Reps. get involved in the discussions also. Can't say enough good about the Titleist Reps. for all the help they give to us. Most (if not all) other manufacturers advertise about their service, but once they get your money their pretty much thru with you, but Titleist will do all they can to help their customers play better. Titleist equipment, and their Reps. are the greatest, and if you'll stay with Titleist, you'll never be sorry, and that's my 2 pennies worth. Enjoy your new clubs, Jason.

Chris; Please tell me just how in the cat hair do you make the "cent sign"? I've been trying to figure that out for a long time now.

If you are not completely in love with the current line up, I would wait.  But, depending where you live, waiting might mean only getting a couple rounds in with your new sticks and having to stare at them when the cold temps set in, which is hard to do.  I've ran into this before and it's psychological torture.

Man.... I bought the 710 AP2's the beginning of last season.  I kinda wish I would have waited for the 712's as I hear there was a major improvement in them.  I haven't tried them.  I don't know if I want to....  I'm super happy with my 710's and will probably play them until maybe the 714's.  I don't know if I'd be down for waiting.  We're not pro's here.  Go get fitted and buy whats out there.  I don't think any of us will see any significant game improvement by purchasing the latest and greatest.  Sure we get to show them off....  I say get what's out and enjoy what Titleist has put out.  That's my .02

Jason,   Come let us know how the fitting went.  I go for one next sat.  Can't wait.

I would wait until this fall unless you are like me who grows really fast and who's clubs are very small right now 

Got fit yesterday. Like most everyone said, it was a great experience. I'm amazed at how quickly the fitter identified some changes in the club that helped me strike the ball a lot cleaner. Obviously it's still up to me to make a good shot but at least this way I'm not trying to change my swing to fit my club but instead the club is changed to fit my swing. Can't see getting any clubs w/o getting fit now that I've done this. The clubs are shipping later this week. I can't wait!

Jason; What clubs do you have coming? Be sure to let us know how they work for you.

I ended up getting AP1s with shafts 1/2 inch shorter than standard. It's weird because I'm fairly tall so I thought if anything I'd need longer clubs but based on the length of my arms and the turn interaction w/ the club, i hit way better with the shorter shafts. With standard length I was subconsciously pulling up in my swing causing thin shots (my main problem!) I'll post again after I actually get a round or two in with the new clubs once they ship.

Jason - Congrats on the new sticks!  Your thread has inspired me to go ahead and get fit this Summer when I'm back in the US and purchase one of the 712 models instead of waiting for the 714s to arrive this Fall.  I've sold my 710s and the thought of playing with "loaner clubs" for 5 months while waiting for the 714s is unbearable!  Let us know how they swing!

Better wait to get fitted on the 914's.