Measuring Length on Titleist Irons

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Ben M

I just got my new custom fit irons this afternoon and am very excited.  I noticed, though, that the Titleist irons I ordered at 1/2" over standard length are the same length as the miz irons that I currently have (also 1/2" over standard...custom ordered through golf shop).  What has me puzzled is that, according the specs on the websites, miz's standard length is 1/4" shorter than Titleist's.  My new clubs should be a 1/4" longer than my Mizunos.

However...I think I figured this out.  Does Titleist measure iron length differently than other companies?  I know that Scotty Cameron putters are measured from the butt of the club to the sweet spot of the face.  Are the other Titleist clubs measured the same way?  

Thanks for any insight you might have.


Ben M


That makes perfect sense.  I don't need to call and follow up...I'm perfectly happy with every single aspect of these irons.  Now...if it would just warm up in Omaha enough to play, I would be even more happy.

Thanks for your response,