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Dave O

Just wondering how everyone likes the 913 fairway woods.  I hit for the first time this past weekend at a local Demo Day.  As much as I wanted to like this club, I couldn't get comfortable.  Main issue incurred was being unable to get ball speed and distance.  I'm going to test again but just wondering if how others first impressions compare.

Francisco B

I couldn't agree more I feel the same way with my 910 f can hit that off the deck better than my long irons at times but I believe a 3 wood is and should always be your clutch club for two reasons like mentioned before being able to hit off the deck with ease for great distance and for when you and your driver are not clicking together. As they say a 3 wood hit well goes a lot farther and flies better than an ok drive

Chris R

I am the type of person that researches a product a long time before I buy anything.  I looked at the 913F and FD for many months, demo'd it several times, weighed the options of my old 3-wood.  All of those tings goes thru my head.

I just got the 913F 15 degree Regular Flex shaft.  I have not had a chance to play with it yet, but at the range shots were straight and true with more distance than my old 3 wood (cally Razor).  Every shot off he deck.  The few bad shots were my fault, and even the mis-hits were still good.

Go for it you will not regret the decision to get one.  My next club will be a 913H 19 degree



Ditto Francisco; My driveris only about 20 yds. longer than my 17* 4wood, (can't get a 3 wood high enough, so I carry a 4 wood) but I can depend on the 4 wood to hit the fairway every time,.

Dave O

I am the same way Chris in regards to researching and making a selection that I have confidence will be good choice for multiple years of play.  I suspect the shaft selection in the Demo clubs was a primary contributor to my initial response to the 913F.  Did you use a Titleist fitting center and how many shafts did you have to experiment with?  What was your final selection?

David C

I just bought the 913fd in 13.5.  I absolutely love how it looks and feels but the loft is to strong.  I am going to increase the loft as much as i can and go from there.  Just to let you know Dave O, find a retailer or pro shop that will (with tape of course) let you take it out on the range and the course.  Sometimes just getting away from everyone and doing your thing on the range or the course is all it takes.  Good luck, I know you will love it...


I went to  a demo day just yesterday (April 27) with the goal of hitting the 913 driver and fairways. I wanted to see how they compared to the other companies at the demo day and I am sold on titleist! I absolutely love the D2 driver, but the fairways were what really surprised me.  I tried a couple different shafts before settling on one and found these clubs very easy to get in the air. Normally I have trouble getting my fairways in the air but with the shafts available and the adjustments the ball is soaring after the fitter made some recommendations. I am guessing within the nest two weeks I will have 2 913 woods in my bag.

Great clubs-they really are outstanding.

Don E

The 913fd has been my best club purchase in the past 5 years easily. I actually have found it to be super easy off the tee AND the deck. I got the 15 degree with the 82g stiff diamana + white. There's nothing quite like winning a long drive by 15 yards with a 3 wood (ask my playing partner, that's who I beat). I liked it so much that I ordered the matching D2 to go with it. One piece of advice, do not trust big box store launch monitors.