Vokey SM4 Surface Roughness Wear...

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I have a Vokey SM4 52.08* gap wedge in Oil Can finish. I purchased this wedge late this past summer, and have been using it since. I am quite an avid golfer, so I would definitely say I've taken well over 1,000 swings with it. As I was inspecting the grooves today, I saw that the surface roughness around the bottom of the club face and on the sweet spot are almost completely worn smooth. Of course, the top of the club face where there is virtually no contact with the ground or ball looks brand new. Is this common?  And will it affect the performance of the club? I know a lot of people have Vokey wedges that they've used for years, so I'm assuming it's not a big deal. Just curious.

Francisco B

I think once people find a great club they stick with it it's just a matter of being able to re do the groves with vokes which is the best that's why you have to love titleist voke and camron because they stand behind there product and how they can tune up your clubs


I am not talking about the grooves, I am talking about the circular cuts between the grooves and on the club's toe. The grooves are just fine. Just what they call the 'surface roughness' is worn smooth.