Scotty Cameron - new GoLo production models?

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I love my GoLo putter, but really want to try one with more of the plumbers neck, like the Holiday Jet Setter or Limited N7 or N5 versions.  Are there any plans to release a production model GoLo with a plumbers neck later in the year?  Those limited editions are hard to get a hold of and are a little pricey for a gamer that you want to test.  


Thanks Cameron.  If you ever need someone to provide "testing" feedback, just let me know :)



My guess is yes but not until next Spring.  Since they are just hitting the Tour this year it's usually a trial period there before they finalize the production OTR models.

I have heard rumors of a new line this fall.  Hope there are some new putters in the silver finish to replace the California.  I love the lower toe on the Select line compared with the previous Studio Select line and the current California line.



My new gamer is the GoLo 5  and I could not be happier.  Has really instilled confidence in my game.



You said it all T.Tiger. My GoLo S is the best thing that has happened to my game. Never had the confidence in my putting as I do now. My SC GoLo S is the best investment I've ever made. I can always count on it.