AP2 712s ...first round

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I was very impressed with my first round using my new AP2 712s.   Always been  a blade player (695MBs).  The distance and feel was consistant.   Used  my ProV1x TT balls also.   The 910 D2 driver put me well down the fairway all day long.  On the Par 5 16th (571 yds) at my club, I hit my second shot 7 feet from the hole using a 906F 15.5 degree FW.    Missed the eagle putt though.  

  I'm a happy TT man..  



I agree Tommy.  Great combination.  The black face seems alot less of a distraction.  Glad it works well for you also.  The 906F4 with the Blue Diamana is a rocket launcher!!


Tommy; Thought I was the only one, so I haven't said anything, but the black face on my 910D2 really tripped my trigger also.