Length of AP2 shafts...not playing lengths, shafts only

I am looking at installing a set of shafts into my 712 AP2s, and these shafts were pulled from another set of irons.  What I want to know is how much longer will the playing length be over the length of the uninstalled shafts?  I know the standard playing length of the clubs as listed on the website...what I want to know is how much to I need to add to the length of the uninstalled shafts to determine what the playing length will be?

In other words, I am looking for the "bottom of bore to ground" measurement...and I assume it's consistent throughout the set (I have 4-PW)?

Might be a moot point if the shafts are different diameters than wha Titleist can accept.

Thanks, but it's not a moot point, the shafts are .355 taper tip, which is what the 712 AP2s take.  I just need to know the bottom of bore to ground measurement.

So, nobody had any idea what the bottom of bore to ground measurement is on the AP2 712?

Don, Just add 1.25 inches to the raw shaft length and that will be an extremely close approximation. Don't forget 1/8 of an inch is factored into the final length for the grip cap i.e. a 38 inch five iron is cut to 37 7/8 before grip installation.

Thanks, Ken!