913 D3 8.5 w/ Phenom X tipped .5

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Joshua O

So I have been doing a lot of work adapting to my new driver and it has been paying off i large divedends.

After my session yesterday on the computer system I put up the fastest ball speeds in years.

I avereaged 180 mph and a max of 188 mph with a controlled swing. If I push past that I tend to get sloppy and my smash factor goes down.

I could use less loft, can I buy a 7.5 head? or would it be more worth wile to buy a complete and sell the stock shaft with the 8.5 head?  


Joshua O

Some day I will send myself back to GRAMMAR school!


It's all good brah.......I got the gist of what you were saying. LOL


That's a good idea Big_Shack. I was thinking of buying a 913 head, and replace my 910 head with it, but (understandably) Titleist doesn't sell heads only. Also, I'm going to a fitting on Friday, and am going to ask the fitter if I have the right shaft in my 910D2. If not, I would most likely have to buy a new shaft, so with the cost of a new shaft, I might as well go ahead and buy the whole driver, since it is hard to find good used shafts also. If after the fitting, we decide that I need the 913D2, I may try to sell my 910 head, and shaft seperatly, since used 910's arn't worth very much. $150 - $175 tops.