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Parker F

I am in need of a 2 iron mb for my set..where can I get one


I use a 695 CB 2 iron with my AP2 712s.  Good results.


The closest you will get is the 712U.  You can order it as a 2 iron loft and add your particular custom shaft and specs.  And it may be a bit easier to hit than a normal 2 iron.


Brian D

I would give the new 712U a shot.  I tried them out a week or so ago and they have a 2, 3, and 4 iron in the 712U.  They very much resemble the MB, but are a bit thinker on the bottom.  Great club to try.


Good luck.

Matt H

You should look into the new 712U. It has been well received and should blend in perfect with your mb's.

Tino R

Trust me get the 712U, you will not regret it.  I have the 910F 18 degree and just picked up my 712U and its so much easier to hit.

TIno R