Replacement weights for 913?

Started by : Chris L |

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Chris L

Finally upgraded my old 909 with a new 913 D3, what a driver. Loving the new D+ shaft.  I usually like to play my driver around 44.5" however and would like to cut this down to that and then add a heavier weight to the head to bring the sw back up. Is it possible to get a single weight?  The whole kit is a little pricey when I just need the one bit not sure they are available that way. Also, what is the stock weight and what is the one a step heavier?  

Chris L

Thanks Cathi, glad to hear I can get just a single weight instead of the full kit, that is awesome..  Love how easy that makes it to tweak club length while keeping decent swingweight.  

Charlie H

Hi Cathi,

When replacing a weight on my 913 F.d, do I need to tighten until it clicks (like the torque click on the shaft)? Or do I tighten until it's tight enough.



Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

HI Charlie,  You do need to tighten it until it clicks.