910 d2 ball flight vs 913d2 ball flight

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r s


Just bought a 913 10.5 driver to replace my 910 driver of the same loft.

Love the new 913 but have changed the setting from B2 for the 910 to C3 on the 913 to get the same desired ball flight. This gives me a slight draw.

Juist wondered if you are seeing different settings when players have switched.



Don O

Same shaft?  The stock shafts have been upgraded for 913.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi, Depending on the shaft and loft, we are seeing both -  players staying the same and players switching.  The new 913 D2 does have slightly different launch characteristics than the 910 D2.  It has less spin due to the CG being more forward and it will not draw as easily as the 910 D2 so moving the setting up to C3 makes sense if you were on the lower end of spin and launch with your 910.

Mike C

Is it the same shaft in both clubs?  The ball flight is largely determined by the shaft.  You could try to switch the shaft from the 910 into the 913 and you should have similar results.

r s

thanks,  I am using the same shaft in both, but was having a harder time turning over the 913

Mike C

Interesting.  I had pretty much the same ball flight on the 910 and 913 in the same settings/shafts.  Maybe the difference is that I prefer to hit the driver with very little draw/fade bias.  Sounds like the lower spin doesn't impact this type of ball flight as much as it does if you tend to draw the ball a bit which would make sense. That's the cool thing about the adjustable hozel that you can dial in a club to perform to your expectations.