Titleist Junior Clubs

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Keith M

My two boys, ages 4 and 5 love golf as much as I do.  I was wondering since there aren't any junior clubs on the Titleist website are there any plans for the future to make junior clubs for the little guys and gals?

They currently have Maxfli sets, but as they get older and provided they still love the game and want to continue I have no problem investing in their game by having them play Titleist clubs.

Although it's a double-edged sword.  They will get to know intimately the evil mistress that is the wonderful game of golf over the years.  I hope they sacrifice less golf balls to the goddesses of field and stream than their father has. 

Dallin H

Speaking as one with 4 kids...don't invest too much in kids clubs...they will grow out of them very quickly.  I recommend the US Kids clubs if you want to buy a new set.  What I've done for my kids is buy a women's set at Goodwill and cut them down a few inches.  They have worked just fine for my kids.