Titleist 913D2 or png G25

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Ryan F

Dear Team Titleist,

I need help to decide on which driver to buy. I like the way both drivers look and after all I am on the titleist website but please don't lean to titleist right away. I have had an iron fitting and golf galaxy fitted me for the png G20 over the ap1 and so I got the png G25 3 Wood and I hit it great. Since I hit it well do u think I should get the png G25 driver or go with a titleist driver for the performance. If you could tell me the similarities and differences of both drivers. I hit both of them and I got similar distance and forgiveness. More forgiveness with the png but just a little more distance with the 913D2. Please help me determine which one to buy. I hit both and liked both. I would like to know the similarities of both clubs and differences. if you think I should go with the titleist 913D2 then which shaft? I was thinking if I got the 913D2 it would be the Diamona Blue shaft but not sure. My swing speed is in mid to high 80s and I have medium trajectory. I used a 9 loft on my R11s so would I use a 9.5 loft or a 8.5 loft if I got the titleist. Ifnyou think I should go with the png then don't answer any of these questions besides the compatibles and differences of both drivers. 

Thankyou for your time and consideration,



I have the 913 D2 and would definitely recommend.  It's far and away the BEST driver Titleist has every made

Mitch O

Personally, I play the 913D3 and absolutely love it.  It is by far the best driver I have ever hit.  I am not a fan of the png drivers, just don't like the feel.

So I would recommend going with the 913 but then again I am a bit biased!  Always been with Titleist, and always will be!

But whatever feels better for you is the best choice.