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Hey TT,

The last round that I played I noticed that the ferrule of my 4-iron (I have 712 AP2s) is separated a significant amount from the club head.

I was wondering, what causes this to happen? This is actually the second set of irons in a row this has happened to me on. I had TM R9 TPs prior to this set and the same thing happened on my 5 and 6 irons. If anybody has any information to help me find an answer for this that'd be great.

And to the TT moderators, Cathi, Mike, etc.: How can I go about getting this fixed properly? I know a local golf shop that will fix it by heating it up with a heat gun and pushing it back down, but something tells me that's not the most proper way. And the fact that I absolutely love these irons makes want to make sure I take care of this properly. I live in the South Shore, MA area and would have no problem sending it to Fairhaven or even taking a trip there if need be. Please let me know what I can do and I thank you all in advance for the help.

Nick D


Do you wash your clubs in hot water ever?

i would just get a thing of epoxy and glue it back down yourself. I've done it before with no problems.