When is it time for a new Vokey Wedge??

I have had my Vokeys for a while now and I am having a hard time letting go of them for new ones especially my 56. I have a perfect ball size mark worn into them and I am starting to see less and less of the grooves. Is it time??

Yes, especially if you have a noticeable decrease in your spin rates. It's not uncommon for those who play multiple times a week to buy a new wedge every year. Some even switch them out twice a year. Nothing like fresh grooves. 

Mine do that same thing after a couple months so I just change them out when I just can't get the ball to spin anymore. 

Seems like everyone agrees ... it is time!


David B

Seems like everyone agrees ... it is time!


David B.,

I'm assuming that you're going to check out the SM4's/Wedgeworks? Which 56* did/do you have now? 

Take them to a local golf shop, most are able to re groove your wedges, also there are tools that not only clean your wedges but are strong enough to sharpen grooves.

I have the 56.11 SM and yes I am looking at the SM4's.

Thanks Dan, I did do that last season. I may do that again and then keep them as back up, hard to part with a trusted wedge, LOL.

I'm having the same thing. I bought my 56 degree Vokey a while ago (it was my first Titleist club). I absolutely loved it! I hit so many shots and had some great memories with that club. I recently got rid of it and got a new 56 because my old one was very worn down. I think its time for you to get a new one!

Cole  .... my feelings exactly!

Haha yeah, its hard. I actually kept the old 56 (even though I'm not planning on hitting anything with it) just for the memories. Tell us when you get a new one! -Cole

I can see grooves again!

I picked up my SM4 56.11 on Saturday. I am very excited but it rained all weekend here so I will have to wait till Monday to try it out.

it makes me wonder if we can order wedges with hard chrome (like the tour pros get) instead of the nickel chrome that come standard on today's clubs.


That's a great question!!!

I just upgraded to the SM4's 52, 56, 60 from the same in the orginal Spinmilled.  I love the SM4's, actually feel better to me and did not think a wedge could feel better.  Go hit some demo clubs and see what you think, I think you will like them.  jimr