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Christopher A

I'm thinking of getting the golo s5. I like the options on the scortycameron site for customization but it seems as if I have to buy the putter first and send it to them.

Is there anyway to do it all at once? I'd hate to have to order the club from titleist, wait for it, then send it to the studio an wait again.

Can anyone help? Also can someone tell me who I can order it from in Pittsburgh PA??

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Christopher,  If you know that you want to have it sent to the Custom Shop, you can fill out the order on Scotty Cameron, prepay for your customization and they will send you a confirmation number.  Take the confirmation number to your pro shop and have them order your new putter with that number.  The putter will automatically get sent straight to the Custom Shop for all the customization and sent back to you when it is complete.  It saves you the step of ordering the putter, and shipping it back to the Custom Shop.  Here is a link to the golf shops that are authorized - just put in you zipcode or city: