What do you think of the 714's?

My son showed them to me ... I have no idea, I will ask him

If I didn't just put 712 CB/MB in my bag, I'd be pretty excited.  I honestly like the simpler look of 712 on the CB/MB irons, but I certainly would not refuse to play 714 based on looks.

Like the look of the new AP2 714's.  I'm sure I will switch from the 712's as soon as they are available (as I have done in he past when the new versions come out).  I have concerns related to the comments on the lofts changing but will have to see once I hit them.  Always like to have shiny new equipment in my bag!

The 714s look great.  Can't wait to hit them.

I really like the new look of the 714 AP irons.  Very sharp looking.  Have the 710s now and may have to look into the new tech.

Kai C

I have tried google but cannot find anything of the 914 irons.... where did you saw them ?

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It's because it's 714 irons and 914, here a link:


I think the 714's look great.Cant wait to give them a hit.

Love the look of the new 714 AP2, they will definitely be replacing my original 2008 AP2's.