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Kevin Y

I'm currently debating my next order. I plan to add both a 712U 2 iron and a 913hd 18 degree to my bag (alternating based on course setup). So my question is whether the 712U will be available after the official launch of the 714 lines this fall - or in other words will the 712U be replaced with a 714U? I'm currently gaming the 712 MBs so I'd prefer to grab the 712U to ensure it "matches" although the 913hd is also high on the list. But my fear is that the 712U has a more limited future order availability.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The 712u is a specialized hybrid iron.  There will not be a 714u coming out.

des taggart

In my opinion--don't wait to get the "u".  With it's release so recently (May), I seriously doubt that Titleist will come out with something for another year or two.  I just bought the 18* 2 iron, and have to say that it is AWESOME!  I just posted remarks regarding the 712u and it should be approved by the moderator soon.  I HIGHLY recommend adding this club to your bag if you have the slightest bit of confidence with your long irons.  It is forgiving and LONG!

Cameron M

Ive hit the 712u irons on the range a couple of times. I was really impressed with how well they preformed. I think that I am going to be investing in some new long irons soon.

Tom B

I will just mention that the 712 U is VERY popular, maybe moreso than they thought it would be, and most are having to wait 4-6 weeks to get them, (I'm currently waiting), so you probably don't want to wait too long to make your decision.  Probably why it's better to deal with a "green grass" shop, or find someone in a big box store who actuallly knows Titleist and knows what's going on instead of getting "...712 U what?"