New Scotty Cameron Futura X - Coming Aug. 1st. Who's excited?

Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

So we just got final word that the new Scotty Cameron Futura X is going to start shipping Aug. 1st.

We've chatted with a few of our guys out on tour recently who putt this putter into play, and the feedback has been great.

I've also rolled a couple of putts with some of the prototypes and I was really liking everything from the stability of the putter through the stroke to the finish, feel and sound.

As a mallet player, I'm really excited to add this one to the quiver and we'll see if it bumps the current gamer (my trusty Kombi-S) out of the rotation... 

What do you all think? Who else is excited for this release?

paul a

Hi Mike, I can't wait for the release, I am a mallet type player and since I have the kombi, then went to the kombi s, and then to the Golo, (currently in the custom shop) I will be looking forward to add this putter to my collection. Paul A.

Curtis M

Very excited!   Was hoping they would be released by the time I can get my 714's.  

Elliott S


  Thanks for the heads up on this!  I've played a Kombi in the past and currently use a Golo so I am super excited about the new Futura X!  Placed my order today for it.




Very exciting news.  I love my GoLo 5 and would like to roll a few with one of these.


Jim A

I want one!

Mike C

Looks like another good looking putter from Scotty Cameron.  I too am a mallet player and look forward to giving this a run once it hits the market.  I have experimented with putting a little more weight on the putter head for added stability so it will be interesting to roll a few putts with this putter to see how it feels.

Don O

What's not to like - it even comes LH.


Hello Everyone,

Take a look at this video featuring Titleist Brand Ambassador Jason Dufner and Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Larry Silveira sharing their early impressions of the Futura X on tour.


Thomas C

I'm in love with my GOLO S so it'll be tough to pry it out of my hands...but I'll certainly give it a whirl and try to convince myself how much I need it!

David Browning

I'll stick to my GoLo or 009. However, I do believe that Adam won the Master's with this putter?


Not sure I want to roll this putter.  I might have to get one if I do :)

I'm really satisfied with my GoLo N7 that I'm gaming right now.  

Don O

Closer inspection - the only minimum toe flow LH putter.  I am almost ambidextrous putting so the Golo-S would be the model I would look at if it was available as LH.  Within 8 feet I can go from either side.  I get a better line LH for distances over.  Besides AFC and regional, would most shops that carry a full line of samples carry the RH sample, as well, in the first week of August?


I am very excited about this model release...should be a nice compliment to the stable of other great mallet putters recently such as Futura, Kombi, Golo etc...  I like the idea also that this putter is not rounded in overall shape but more like a square conceptually...not sure how it will look to my eyes at address but will be fun regardless to try out!  I have also been made aware of for those that follow this topic closely that their will be some major differences between the CT Model (Tour Verson $2,500+) and the OTR (Standard Retail $300+) so if your wallet can afford the CT version and you are very particular like many golfers about your putter it may be worth considering ... In my case, I will be happy with the OTR model! 

I will be with Scotty the following week in August so should be interesting to see if he brings along any toys for us to play with and maybe compare the two models in person! LOL