714 Iron Set

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Ryan Napoli

Anybody have a realistic answer to when the new 714 iron set will be released. Looking forward to the new MBs!

Jeff H


They will be out in November, to the public.


November 15th I think is usually the release date. 

Jimmy Bilsky III

i remember when getting the 710's right as they came out in September. But either way, the new ones look sweet. Anyone heard anything about a possible 714u? I know they just came out with the 712u, but it would kinda make sense to make a 714u to go with the new line. 

Joseph G

I want them now to be honest, havin a hard time waitin! Thx for the info, thought they mite have come out sooner.

Anthony E

They posted that there wont be a new line of 714U..

Todd S

Titleist usually releases new product after the PGA show in Feb. so looking at March more than likely.


The normal iron release to the public is mid-November. I would expect that the 714s will follow this.

Ryan Napoli

Thank you all for the comments, appreciate it

Jason J


     I talked to my Titleist Rep he said fitting should be pretty soon thinking late August Early Sept.  Hit stores a little later I assume.

Ryan Napoli

Thank you Jason.